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 We are no longer offering Dama wallaby joeys to the general public as pets. There are so few  of the species in the United States that we have decided to dedicate our efforts to preserving and protecting them and increasing their numbers here in the United States as a conservatory.


Dama Wallabies












The Dama wallaby aka Tammar wallaby is one of the smallest of the wallaby species. The adults are dark gray or brown with a paler color on the underside. The coat is short and sleek and ears are slightly pointed. Adult head and body length is 24-26 inches, the tail is 15-17 inches, and mature height ranges from 14-18 inches. The average adult male weighs about 15 pounds, females 10-11 pounds.

See the picture below to compare the size of a Bennet's joey and a Dama joey approximately the same age. Adelaide (Bennett's) weighs 3 pounds; Darby (Dama) weighs 1.5 pounds.

Bennett's and Dama joey

The little Dama wallaby is, without a doubt, the most commonly kept marsupial in Australia, according to the Marsupial Society of Australia.  Damas are kept as pets because they are small and fairly easy to keep, with a life span of 14-18 years.

4 little damas in the snow

Based on our 15-years' experience, we have not observed them to be purely nocturnal but have observed nighttime behavior that closely mirrors that of the Bennett’s wallaby. Our experiences have also proven them to be winter hardy.






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