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Dama Wallabies

We have sold all our joeys for 2017!!


The Dama wallaby is one of the smallest of the wallaby species. The adults are dark gray or brown with a paler color on the underside. The coat is short and sleek and ears are slightly pointed. Adult head and body length is 24-26 inches, the tail is 15-17 inches, and mature height ranges from 14-18 inches. The average adult male weighs about 15 pounds, females 10-11 pounds.

See the picture below to compare the size of a Bennet's joey and a Dama joey approximately the same age. Adelaide (Bennett's) weighs 3 pounds; Darby (Dama) weighs 1.5 pounds.

Bennett's and Dama joey

The little Dama wallaby is, without a doubt, the most commonly kept marsupial in Australia, according to the Marsupial Society of Australia.  Damas are kept as pets because they are small and fairly easy to keep, with a life span of 14-18 years.

4 little damas in the snow
Based on our 15-years' experience, we have not observed them to be purely nocturnal but have observed nighttime behavior that closely mirrors that of the Bennett’s wallaby. Our experiences have also proven them to be winter-hardy and no more prone to stress or stress-related problems than our Bennett’s wallabies.
  The little Dama, given lots of TLC and dedicated devotion as a bottle-baby joey, will make a wonderful pet.  Our joeys are placed on the bottle when they are fully furred and weigh 1-1.25 pounds.  We bottle feed them for 10-14 days and then place them with their new “roo mum or roo dad” for final bonding.  Purchase includes a pouch, bottle, marsupial nipples, a container of milk replacer and a packet of info, tips and hints sheets to help ensure that you raise a healthy, happy joey! 

We are here to help and to answer questions. We have posted a list of COMMOMLY ASKED QUESTION with answers on our Bennett's Wallaby page. All info there applies to the little Dama wallaby joey.

We encourage all buyers to pick up their bottle baby joeys here at the ranch!  



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