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About Us

We, Larry and Judy Rohner, have been animal lovers since childhood and dedicated breeders of quality exotic livestock for more than 30 years. We purchased out first guanaco, Oliver, in 1977. He was soon followed by a small herd of buffalo. Our appreciation of this noble beast, a symbol of American survival, led to the naming of our ranch--Buffalo Hill Exotics. Over the years we have bred, reared and loved some 40 species of animals. Today we specialize in seven different species and own representative examples of several more.

As USDA-inspected and licensed breeders, we are committed to offering quality exotic livestock at reasonable prices. We've always thought of our ranch as much more than a mere business operation and our animals as more than mere livestock. Many of our customers report that ownership of these animals is therapeutic and seems to fill a void in their lives. We have received cards, notes and pictures from our animals' new owners expressing the incredible joy that their animal has brought. We are honored to play a role in improving people's lives through ownership of animals. Our lives, too, have been deeply enriched.




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