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Red Kangaroos 




The giant Red Kangaroo is the largest of all mammals native to Australia.  It is the largest surviving marsupial in the world and the largest of all kangaroos.  The average height of the female red kangaroo is about four feet. Large males stand almost six feet tall and weigh 120 to 190 pounds.  Some are even larger. Adult females are much smaller, weighing from 40 to 90 pounds.

Despite its name,  the red kangaroo is frequently a blue/gray color, especially the female; thus, earning her the name "blue Flyer."   The males are referred to as "boomers" and the babies are called "joeys."

They live in small groups called "mobs" and are the most active in the cool of the evening.  Red roos spend their time lying in the shade on very hot days and basking in the sun on pleasant ones.

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We offer bottle-baby red kangaroo joeys for sale to qualified buyers. All bottle-fed red males need to be castrated. Our joeys come with a pouch, milk replacer, bottle and marsupial nipples plus 24/7 after-sale support to help ensure that you raise a happy, healthy baby roo.



Boomer is a 2  1/2 year old mother raised male.



Please see our BENNETT'S WALLABY page on this website for a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and answers.   All the information contained there applies to kangaroo joeys, as well as wallaby joeys.   If you need additional info or have more questions, please telephone or email us.

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