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Bactrian Camels


There are two species of camels in the world, The Bactrian and the Dromedary.  The double-humped Bactrian is by far rarer than the single-humped dromedary.   The Bactrian camel is native to the vast, semi-arid grassland of the Gobi desert in Central Asia. Wild Bactrian camels were thought to be extinct until 1957 when a small population was discovered in the Gobi Desert.

 The wild Bactrian camel was domesticated at least 4500 years ago.  They were named after Bactria, which is a province of the ancient Persian Empire where they were used as draft and pack animals.  They quickly became the main form of transportation for the Silk Road because they are able to carry loads of 375-600 pounds and to travel 40 miles daily.

The extremely, adept Bactrian has a long, wooly coat which varies in color from brown to creamy white.  It has a mane and beard of long hair on its neck and throat.  The 10-inch long body hair enables it to withstand severe winter cold, down to -22 degrees F. The long coat sheds in large sheets in spring, thus enabling it to withstand severe summer heat--up to +122 degrees F.  An adult stands 6-7 feet tall, measures 10 feet long from the tip of its nose to its tail and weighs 1320-2200 pounds.

The gestation period is approximately 400 days or about 13 months, resulting in the birth of 0ne young, very rarely two.  The birth season peaks March-May.  Their diet consists of grasses, leaves and shrubs in the wild.  The two humps on the back form a natural saddle and are composed of fat not water, as commonly believed.

 Bactrian camels are intelligent, docile and very sweet under a loving, caring hand but, like many other animals and people, may turn stubborn and angry if mistreated. Our camels all have loving dispositions and are always very gentle. They love affection and rewards and are a pleasure to work with.





baby male bactrian camel


DOB: 03-14-2014

Kahn with his mom Ming Tsu

Kahn is a super sweet little boy, who is always willing to please. He has been mother raised and is halter trained.  What a sweetheart!




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